Here is a word of encouragement to all Christians.

Have you taken time to ask yourself when actually the world will return to proper normal? Or you are okay with waiting in perpetuity and great uncertainty?

Secondly who exactly are you waiting for to bring things back to normal for us? Medical experts, WHO or who exactly. Can’t you see how divided different bodies are on this situation? It is obvious they all don’t know when things will be back to normal.

Brothers and sisters behold I show you a mystery : ONLY THE NAME OF JESUS WILL DO IT FOR US IN THIS HOUR. And yes in the name of Jesus we shall recover all.

The Lord reminded me that :

” 12 There is salvation in no one else! Under all heaven there is no other name for men to call upon to save them.”- Acts 4:12 TLB

No name whether WHO, a medical expert, politician, business man etc can bring the world back to normal for us as we would desire. The passage above may have been about salvation in being born again but the original word there extends to being saved from all manner of calamity.

Therefore arise today oh Christian soldier and stop waiting for an announcement from somewhere. Make the announcement yourself on your knees rebuking all evil schemes around the COVID-19 fiasco and demanding a return to normal in the name of Jesus.

We can’t sit and watch the media and wait for updates when we can create the updates by our prayers. Elijah when praying for rains sent his servant to see what update was there. He was never going to run his life by any other update until he saw the update he prayed for. Don’t get used to hearing updates from media houses and be at rest. Pray for the type of updates you want to see. We can’t have more people die or have so many restrictions on various things in perpetuity

Who knows if you came to the kingdom for such a time as this.

Brothers and sisters we are at war and not an international body or a government in any country will give us our life back at the time we need to. We have to get it back in prayer. This must feel too abnormal and stir you to pray.

The name of Jesus can heal, the name of Jesus can destroy the virus, the name of Jesus can give medical experts quick ability to find and spread the cure for all, the name of Jesus can give those with the cure boldness to speak up.

I will be back to share some very important prophetic words and prayers my man of God has led us through these months.

But oh Christian soldier don’t be at ease when we are at war. Remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Do your part today. Pray even for 20 minutes only. Your prayer will matter. Command a speedy return to normal in Jesus name. Pray specially also for those who are victims of this thing that they may be healed enmass.

At the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE BOWS. We can’t put our trust in the arm of flesh. A thousand times noooo.

It is our month of recovery and all must be restored to us.

Help spread a Christian prayer revolution to bring the world back to normal by tagging as many as you can and simply say ” Your prayers IN THE NAME OF JESUS is what the world needs”. You may also share so we stir prayer for a return to normal. After that make sure you really pray.


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