November 28, 2023

4 Days of grace for completion

4 Days of grace for completion
Dear son/daughter
Good evening. It is evening time and since you have no chance to sit around the fire to hear wisdom like we did in camp meetings, please hear me for a while.
Son/daughter one of the things which have given me a glorious life is that I learnt early enough not to tolerate rebellious people near me. Such people cant be my friends.
The following can’t be my friends:
1. A person who rebels against their parents
2. A person who rebels against spiritual authority
3. A person who without proper cause rebels against governmental authority or authority in their workplace.
Where there is no biblical ground for such people acting that way, I stay far from them.
Why Pastor; you may ask?
Very simple; YOU CANNOT IDENTIFY WITH KORAH AND EXPECT THE GROUND NOT TO SWALLOW YOU. Everyone who sided with Korah was swallowed by the ground.
There is a reason the bible tells us to mark certain people and AVOID them.